Frantzis is the new musical project of Tom Frantzis (May 21, 1991). This self-taught multi-instrumentalist is knocking on the front door of pop/electro success. His music is influenced by Nordic Electropop and contains powerful vocals, percussive drums and is filled to the brim with synths. Think of it as a mixture of Jack Garratt and Sigrid.

Frantzis started out as a Youtube cover artist that quickly gained the attention of the Belgian music industry. As a result he was invited by several radio stations (MNM, Qmusic, Radio 2, etc.) regularly to perform his creative covers live. Together with the help of popular Belgian producer Luuk Cox (Stromae, Loïc Nottet, Girls in Hawaii, etc.) Frantzis finished his first singles that immediately got picked up by radio stations all over Belgium.